Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Walking through the scene

Something from A House Like a Lotus that sounds like my life:
our conversations were limited....It wasn't that I was actively unpopular.  I just didn't have anyone special to talk to.  Mostly I felt I was walking through the scene, saying my lines reasonably well, but not being really in the show.  At school I tried to play the role that was expected of me, as best I could.  With Max, I was myself.
This is about Polly, a brainy teenager attending a school which is free of brainy people. There have been times in my life that were like that, and times that were not like that.  I tend to blame myself for the way I'm not myself, for the way I live walking through the scene.  But I have to bear in mind, I'm not in an environment which suits me.  I've thrived in other environments.  I will thrive again.

In the past year, I've met some interesting people.  I will get to know them better.  I will meet more interesting people.  Maybe I can once again find a place where I can thrive.

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