Friday, February 1, 2013

Celtic warrior princess

I was wearing a jacket.  Not what you wear outside for winter.  The word jacket used more as in what people wear with suits.  Not part of a suit though, more colorful than that.  But it was a garment with buttons that can be worn over a shirt.

"That's nice.  Is it new?" she asked.

I explained that it's not new, but I rarely wear it.  I explained that jackets and shirts and so on that are made with woven cloth, rather than knitted cloth, clothes that are not stretchy, don't fit me.   I do have a button down shirt that is made for men that fits me, but if it's made for women, it doesn't fit me.  It doesn't matter what size it is.  The larger the size, the more cloth there is for the bosom, but still the shoulders are narrow.

That's why I don't often wear the jacket.  Usually anything I wear on my top half is made of stretchy fabric, otherwise it is tight across the shoulders.

"I have the same problem," she said.

She said something derogatory about herself, something about being too big.

Knowing that she is proud of her Irish heritage, I said, "We are Celtic warrior princesses."

Some men think that in order to be attractive, women must be petite, dainty, giggly, cute.

I don't really respect such men.

I am a Celtic warrior princess.  Yes, it's true that I'm a mild-mannered pacifist too, but fundamentally I am hearty, independent, stubborn, and determined.  I am not a frail flower, I am a tree, firmly planted, towering to the sky.  If anyone doesn't appreciate that, it's their loss.

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