Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Follow up to Darkness

In my post Darkness, I wrote about how so many people I know have some darkness or weakness, such as a chronic illness, and how I don't think any less of them for having it.  I was thinking about that to remind myself not to think any less of myself.

Today's thought builds on that: There are some people who, like me, look upon people who have some darkness, and think no less of them for it.  They see intelligence, humor, wisdom, and kindness. There are other people who don't see that way.  There are people who are seeking people who are shining with health, happiness, and well-adjustedness.  They look upon the rest of us as lesser -- less fun to be with, less brave, whatever.  They are nice to us out of charity, not because they like us.

I need to discard such people.  I need to seek the company of people who truly see my strengths.  I deserve better than to be around people who think of me as lesser.

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