Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Idealistic unamplified music

I have a friend who is concerned about amplified music. I do see the merits of having a sound system. I've been at a concert with a sound system that sounded good, and then because it was a small folk concert, the performer did one song unamplified. It did not sound good when the sound system was turned off. But it is true that unamplified is more druidly. For one thing, druids care for the earth. Using electricity uses up the earth's resources. For another thing, druids value creating things with our own hands. Morris dancers dance to unamplified live music. But Morris dance is a performance by six or eight people. For me, the most idealistic thing would be participatory music and dance, in which people of the community come together and everyone dances, sings, or plays a musical instrument.

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