Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dancing and time banking: Inspiration and practicality

When I was thinking the thoughts that led to my post The Magic of Music and Dance, I was thinking about the song "Tannery Pond Reel" by Dan Berggren.  I recalled it as being about the power of dance to bring together everyone in a community, despite differences of class and politics.  I went back and listened to it, and my reaction was, "That's not about dance, that's about time banking!"

It's not really about time banking.  But it is about people in a community pitching in to help each other.  And it occurred to me that music and dance complement time banking.  Music and dance provide the inspiration.  They make us feel connected to others.  They make us want to help others.  Time banking provides the practical implementation.  Now that we have this feeling of wanting to contribute to our community, what do we do? How do we find people who can use what we have to offer?  Time banks give us a way to do that.  They identify needs and resources, and connect those needs and resources to each other.

The problem in my community is that they aren't connected with each other.  Music and dance inspire us to help the people with whom we are dancing and making music.  My time bank is based in the town I live in, but in order to sing and dance with people, I usually have to go out of my town and sing and dance with people who don't live in my town and aren't part of my time bank.

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