Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Saving the world from plastic bottles

I don't believe in bottled water.  We have tap water readily available.  Bottled water means manufacturing plastic bottles, transporting plastic bottles, and disposing of plastic bottles.

I don't believe in soda.  It's just caramel colored carbonated high fructose corn syrup.  Why put that in your body?

But in between soda and bottled water lies seltzer.  I have been drinking seltzer the past few months.  I'm ambivalent about it.  Water comes into the house through the plumbing, but other foods and beverages do not, so it's not like I am package-free.  I do consume things that come in packages, including plastic bottles.  And it's healthy to drink water.  I drink seltzer more than plain water, because I like it better.  So maybe it's good to have seltzer, so that I drink more water.

I used to make iced mint tea.  Then I stopped drinking it.  It was after I stopped drinking it that I turned to seltzer as an alternative.

Still, in order to reduce use of plastic bottles, I try to drink tap water rather than seltzer unless it's a time when I just really don't feel like drinking water.  One thing that seems to really help is filling my cup in the bathroom.  Just over a year ago, the landlord changed my kitchen faucet.  Ever since then, I don't like the taste of the water that goes through that faucet.  One reason I started drinking water less was because I was drinking it from the kitchen faucet.  So, to reduce my consumption of seltzer, the key is to get my water from the bathroom faucet.


  1. I was trying to understand your post when I noticed you live in the United States of America. We need bottled water here in my country and we can't drink from tap water because it's dangerous. If tap water is safe for you guys over there why use bottled water? Except if you use one bottled to transport tap water when you are away from home. I don't understand the reason.

  2. perhaps you can get a carbonating machine like they have at eateries. then you can buy a returnable CO2 canister like every few months and make all the setzer you want. you can spritz in whatever fruity things youd like.

    i still end up with too many cartons too...