Friday, February 1, 2013

Middle aged people don't talk

Remember college? Didn't we used to stay up all night discussing the meaning of life? And one time, there was an acquaintance, someone in my circle, but not someone I was close to, who I was sitting with at breakfast, and we were sitting there talking, and we were still talking when lunch came around.  Then there was another acquaintance, I was walking across campus and passed him and we stopped to chat, and we spent ten hours straight together that day.  It's not like that any more.  People always have more important things to do.  Or when people are there, it's all small talk, how was your day, how was your week, it sure is cold today.  I miss it.  But I have more important things to do too.  I've got that job sucking up my life.  When I get away from the office, I have chores to do.  When I get away from the office, I just want to curl up with a book.  And so many people are dumb and annoying and loud.  But I do miss conversation sometimes.  Not that I can think of anything to say any more.

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