Friday, February 22, 2013


All week, I go to work.
All week they come at me.
The humans.
They want this, they want that.
I have to tread carefully.
I have to accommodate.

Weekend comes.
I close the door.
I dreamed of skiing.
Dreamed of dancing.
But right now, all I want to do is close the door.
Silence the demands of others.
Find quiet.

They want this, they want that.
I listen to their pain.
I figure out.
I figure out how to explain things to them.
I figure out what they need.
I figure out how to be thoughtful.

Who will be thoughtful to me?
Who will figure me out?

My father sent me an email.
Something that I gave him a few years ago was useful to him today.
It was thoughtful of him to tell me.

My friend called me.
Usually he calls me every day.
He called just to tell me that he did not feel up to talking today.
He called so I wouldn't be waiting,
Wouldn't be wondering if he would call.
It was thoughtful of him.

That is what I am grateful for.
For thoughtfulness.

In weariness, I curl up in a ball.
I savor the thoughtfulness.
I go to sleep.

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