Monday, February 11, 2013

Bigger and bigger is more and more solitary

In my post Bigger and Bigger, I wrote about how over the history, human institutions seem to increase in size.  But as we congregate in larger and larger cities, we become increasingly alone.  Instead of everyone going to the village well for water, we have water piped into our own homes, so we don't have to go out there.  We travel in cars, with one person in each car, so we don't have to talk to other people.  Instead of going out to dance and make music together, people stay home and watch entertainment on TV screens and computer screens. 

Is it a bad thing? It's such a relief for me after people pecking at me all day, to go home to the peace of solitude.  On the other hand, I often have a feeling that I wish people would help me more, I wish people would listen to me more, and I wish people would do fun things with me more (like reading The Story of Ferdinand). 

I guess my problem is I have too many of people I don't like, and too little of people I do like.

I wish I had the ability to like everyone, because then I would actually enjoy being around all these humans.

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