Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sick again

How can I sleep with my lungs all clogged up? I've got Nyquil, a vaporizer, and Vicks Vaporub, but it isn't enough.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Today is Thanksgiving, and I have many things to be thankful for:
  • My family: They have the traits I value, such as having a respectful, nonjudgmental attitude toward others, not being pushy, and living according to their values. Their paths are diverse, but all are true to who they are rather than conforming to convention, and they encourage others to be true to who they are as well.
  • My job and financial stability: Some people who make more money than I do complain of low salaries, but I think I am lucky to have my income. There are so many people in this world who have less than I do. Many of them are hard-working, smart people, and it is just a fluke of luck that I am able to have the things I do. Some people more talented than I am are unemployed. I have been unemployed in the past, and I'm lucky that I have a job now. My job allows me to have a spacious apartment and a car that runs well. Some people would consider a 12-year-old compact car not to be luxurious, but to me, it is. I am fortunate to be from a modest upbringing, so that I don't feel I need a more expensive lifestyle. I can afford to buy groceries, and not just the essentials, but I can spend extra to get the things I want, like organic foods. My job also allows me sufficient vacation/sick time.
  • Health: It's not perfect, and it does prevent me from doing some things I used to enjoy, but overall, I'm getting better more than I'm getting worse, and I'm able to work full-time, take care of myself, and do a few extra things too. A lot of people don't have all that, so I'm really fortunate. And I think that being sick changed me by making me appreciate the substance of people rather than appreciating people just for being willing to gallivant with me.
  • My town: I like living in a town that's not a big city, but not the middle of nowhere either. I like that we have a good farmer's market and so many independently owned restaurants and stores. So many other towns are just full of chains.
  • Radio: I'm lucky to be a member of a radio station. I like listening to all the new music, and figuring out which songs go together as I prepare playlists. I like talking to Harry on and off the air. I appreciate the people at the station who have been kind to me, such as the other folk DJs, Sean, Mario, and Rich.
  • Clearwater: I'm grateful to have the opportunity to volunteer at the Clearwater festival each year. I like being in a community that shares my values and being in a beautiful outdoor setting.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I was on the radio as a guest on another DJ's show. A listener called in and asked what I looked like. The DJ extolled my beauty at some length, saying, "If I wasn't so frickin' gay, I'd jump across the table at her."