Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dream about dancing

I had a dream about dancing.  First, someone was teaching me the dance.  It was similar to a waltz in the way that you hold your partner, and in having three counts.  The difference was that there's a way of crossing one foot over the other on one of the counts.

In the lesson in the dream, first we learned it side to side: three counts to the right, then three counts to the left to get back to the starting point.  Then three counts to the left, then three counts to the right to get back to the starting point.

Then we learned it front and back: three counts forward, three counts backward to the starting point.  Then three counts backward, and three counts forward to the starting point.

Then we learned it as a turn: three counts to make a circle.  That is, the woman makes a circle going under the arms, while the man does not turn, same as many dances I've done in my waking life.

This lesson was taught on something sort of like an air mattress, an inflatable surface.  It was bigger than an air mattress though.  It was maybe three or four feet tall, six feet wide, and 10 feet long.  I don't know -- I can't estimate such things when I'm awake, let alone when I'm asleep.  Also, this giant air mattress type thing was invisible, so it kind of appeared as if we were dancing on the air.  Not as good as it sounds because it could be hard to tell exactly where to step.

So the lesson went well and I learned the dance.  Then I was no longer on the air mattress, and doing the dance rather than learning it.  I had a wonderful partner.  Then we were no longer dancing.  He was trying to seduce me, and I was happy.  Then I learned that he was under some sort of curse such that if he did not succeed in seducing me, he would become stupid -- lose his intelligence.  It was like the intelligence he had was not part of him, it was just added on as part of this curse thing he was under.  Then I was no longer interested in the seduction.

Then I woke up.  As I lay there drowsily trying to re-create the dream, I was thinking through the choreography.  I was thinking that the place in the dance with the crossed feet should be on the second count.  But that was just what made most sense when I was awake.  Step right foot out to side.  Cross left foot in front of right.  Step right foot out to the side.

But I don't think it was like that when I was asleep.  I think the crossed foot was on the first count when going to the side, and on the third count when I was doing the turn.

My conclusion from the dream: I need to dance more. Once a week is not enough.

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