Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Walking home from work. Tired. Hungry. I want to cry.  Feel so alone.  Song in my head is "Drop Me Down" by Tres Chicas.

I go home.  I nourish my body with food.  I nourish my soul.

Enough of  to do lists.  Enough of reading.  Enough of  writing.  Enough of being constructive.  Enough of getting things done.  Enough of trying to fix my problems.

Enter a world free of such things, a world not of words and thoughts, but of movement, sound, and color.  Play the ukulele.  Listen to music.  Move to the music.  Or don't move to the music -- just lie there.  Don't think about whether you ought to move to the music or ought to rest.  Just follow where your body takes you.  Color in your Celtic knots coloring book.  Light a candle.  Gaze at the flame.  Meditate.  Visualize a forest.  Imagine you are basking in sunshine, feel the sunshine of your imagination warm your flesh.  Gazing up at the bare white ceiling, seeing in your imagination that it is painted in patterns of leaves, layer upon layer of leaves, many shades of green.

This is my haven.  Tonight I find it in my home.  But my haven is in my mind.  I carry it with me everywhere I go.

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