Monday, July 9, 2012

Druid robe

Some modern day druids wear white robes for ceremonial occasions. I've always had my reservations about this.  White robes seem about the least practical thing one could choose to wear in the out of doors.  Also, it apparently matters to me that white robes have nothing to do with how the ancient druids dressed.  It is strange that this should bother me, because I'm definitely not a Reconstructionist.  I believe we should move forward into the present and the future, drawing wisdom and inspiration from wherever it may be found.

Yet despite my reservations, there are reasons why I might want a druid robe.

One is for myself, as part of ritual. In druidry, there is no holy book or holy building.  Sacredness may be found in any time and place.  Ritual is like a light, it is one thing that can show us the sacredness that exists in a particular time and place.  For some people, wearing special clothing is a part of that ritual, the clothing is something that helps us access the sacredness.

Another reason is that if I ever do a druid ritual with other people, I might want to wear a robe.  If everyone else is wearing a white robe and I'm not, then I would stand out for it, and I don't necessarily want to stand out in that way. Or, if I am presiding as priestess, then wearing the robe helps with my setting the mood.

Knowing that I might someday want a robe, I compiled a short list of where I might find one.  Yet none of those called to me.

One thing that occurred to me is that in summer, I prefer not to wear clothes with sleeves.  I thought I might want a robe without sleeves.  Layers could be worn with it in winter.

Another thought that occurred to me was that if I am a good druid, I will not have a robe unless I can sew it by hand from organic material.

Well, I found my robe.  I didn't sew it by hand.  I didn't even buy it from a craftsperson.  I bought it from a giant corporation.  Very un-druid-like of me.

It's also not white.  According to the catalog, it's khaki.  Nor is it a robe.  It's a dress.

Imperfect though it may be, this is the one I chose:

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