Monday, July 16, 2012

Gonna Get Through This World

Woody Guthrie left behind many lyrics which he had not set to music. Lisa Gutkin of The Klezmatics put to music and sings leads vocals on Gonna Get Through This World.

In general, I like songs about walking through hardship with strength, and this is one such song.  In addition, I like the way that strength builds over the course of the song, expanding from surviving to contributing to something larger than oneself. 

I also like the sound of the song.  I like Lisa Gutkin's singing.  Probably fancy music people have a name for the kind of singing that I like.  I just know it when I hear it.  In Lisa Gutkin's singing, I hear the same quality that I like in the singing of Linda Thompson, Leandra Peak, Carol Young, Carol Noonan, and Mary Travers.

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