Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What my depression and happiness feel like

When I am depressed,  I feel hopeless and alone. I feel like there is no one there to support me, and that because of that, I will never have the strength to make my life better.  I feel like if only there were one person who believed in me, then I could manage.  I also feel self-destructive impulses.  I want to eat junk food, not healthy food.  I want to stay up late, not go to bed on time.  I feel (but don't worry, I won't do these things) like cutting myself or jumping off from a height.

When I'm happy, I feel like the song in my heart is so strong that no negative events in my life can quell it.  I feel like I can take risks, because I will be okay.  If I fall, I will just get right back up with a smile and go on with loving life.

Druids know life is cyclical.  Sometimes I'll be depressed. Sometimes I'll be happy.  That's how life is.  That's okay.

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