Monday, July 9, 2012

Pan and the dragon

The Greek god Pan wandered through the streets of my city the other day, playing a merry tune on his pipes.

"Your music is cheery," I said.

Instantly, Pan was transformed into Puddleglum.  In the gloomiest of tones, he said something like, "Oh well, I try," indicating that the mood of the music did not reflect his feelings.

Today, I was a dragon.  I showed my fire by wearing an ankle-length dress, brightly tie-dyed in red, orange, yellow, and pink.  I was determined to conquer the day.  Yet despite the colors, there was a heavy gray within me.

We all have many facets, and all of them are real.  Fury, fatigue, joy, hurt, hollowness, passion, boredom, playfulness, strength, light-heartedness, longing.  It might seem that I put on the fiery clothes to hide the discouragement within me, but the fiery is real too.

When the gloom lies heavy, the gloom is real, but the other things have not died.  When the gloom lies heavy, let us bring to light the shine of those other facets.

Pan, fly free from this dirty old city.  Dance with wood nymphs, dance in forests and fields.

Dragon, find your home, where you don't have to fight, where your gifts are appreciated and your weariness is cradled, where you can sing and dance and touch the trees.

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