Friday, July 6, 2012

The luxury of summer

We have been in the warm half of the year long enough that it's easy to forget there was any other way to live.  I take for granted that it's light outside after work.  I take for granted that I can sit outside without shivering.  I take for granted that surrounding scenery is always green.  It is such a wonderful luxury.

Of course I sit out on my balcony for meditation, but I find that I stay much longer than the allotted meditation time.  Before and after the official meditation time, I also sit there, gazing at sky and trees, daydreaming.  

I think it is good for my peace of mind to have time to daydream.  I think I don't do it so much in winter.  In winter, if I'm going to just lie or sit around, I turn on the radio or a CD, rather than just listen to the world around me.

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