Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Richness of the world around us

You know the difference between black and white and color? Or the difference between two dimensional and three dimensional? That's kind of like the difference between the world we see and the world that is.  There is so much right under our noses that we never see. 

Always we can strive to expand our vision, but always there will be more than what we see. 

We can expand our vision by learning what others see, as expressed in books, blog posts, art work, and in-person communication.  And of course the ultimate way to expand our vision is to look. Instead of traipsing briskly through life, set on our goal, wrapped in our thoughts, let us pause and really see what is front of us -- the human souls, the bees visiting the clover, the needles of a hemlock. And it's not only vision and looking.  We can also listen, touch, taste, and smell. Did you hear the crickets? Have you tasted the twig of sweet birch? Do you know the feel of the stem of Queen Anne's lace?  Have you smelled the pines? What else can you perceive?

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