Saturday, July 14, 2012

Magic of music

Many druids believe in magic.  I don't believe in magic in a supernatural sense.  As a pantheist, I find that what nature offers us provides magic enough.  I believe our state of mind is something that happens in our neurons.  But what amazing states of mind we experience!

In particular, there seems to be a magic happening when we sing or dance with other people,  and even when we are just listening to music.  For me, I think it especially helps to be outside.  I watched a band playing outdoors in my town, and I looked around at all the other people listening, and in that moment, I loved them.  Another day, I was outdoors singing with a group of people.  There were maybe 50 people, and I knew about 15 of them, but in that moment, everyone there was my community.  And it wasn't only that moment.  That moment kindled the bonds, but as the music ended and time passed, those bonds continued to flourish.

I don't know what I'm doing with my life, but I've always felt some calling to knit people together, and it seems to me that music and dance are a good way to do that.  If in any small way I can use music and dance to foster positive connections between people, then I will have done something worthy with my life.

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