Saturday, November 6, 2010

Druid robes

The traditional druid attire is a white robe. I do not want a robe yet, and when I do, I am not sure it will be white. For the day when I am ready for a robe, here is what I have found about where to get a robe.

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  1. I didn't want a traditional white robe for myself. I've come to wear a white dress, modern in style and modeled after Japanese kimonos. Under it I wear a yellow singlet to keep the cleavage level respectable and it is also my colour as a Candidate. I don't feel comfortable wearing all white, so I also wear a forest green cloak over he dress and I have found it balances it out nicely, yet I still have a link to the tradition of Druids wearing white.

    I only tend to wear robes for special events. I worn them on my initiation and plan to wear them for rituals celebrating the High Days also.