Monday, June 18, 2012


The people I choose --
Friends, relatives.
Each unique.
There is something I cherish about each.
There is something that irks me about each.

Any particular individual will fail to meet all my needs.
But put them together, and there's a whole tapestry.
One to laugh with.
One to be serious with.
One to talk to about my dilemmas.
One to talk to about druidry.
One who is there for me when I'm sick.
One to hike with.
One to dance with.
One to rollerblade  with.
One to discuss books with.
One to tell me stories of the past.
What a beautiful tapestry it is!

Sometimes one wants more of me than I wish to give.
Sometimes, one wishes to give less than I want.
That's the way it is, when dealing with humans who have wills of their own.
We just take what we can get, share what we can.

There will be disappointments, demands, hurts, and misunderstandings.
But despite all that, each of the people I have chosen to keep in my life is a gem.
No one lives forever.
My grandmother is 94.  My parents' health problems only increase with age.
Every moment I share with them is a treasure.

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