Sunday, June 24, 2012

Finding and losing the way

We wander the earth through patches of contentment and patches of discontent. There are exquisite moments, moments when we feel life could not be better, nothing is lacking. Then there are moments when we lose our way. We know something is missing from our life. We don't know what it is, so we stumble about in the dark, searching. Then we stumble upon something -- a new hobby, a new friend, a new cause, a new job, a new plan for the future. Elation. At last we have found the way. For a while, life is exquisite once more. But eventually, things crumble. We are lost again. Some good things last for decades. Some good things last only moments. It's the same with bad things. A chronic illness may never leave us, but other bad things will pass away from us in time.

Such is the nature of life. Some things endure. Some things fade away. Things always change, but often we don't know what will change or when.

So often, I've thought I've found a way out. A day of energy, and I think my health problems are gone forever. A new idea about finding a way to escape my job, and I think this one will really work. It has been going on this way for 6 years. So many times my hopes have been dashed. But I keep hoping. I keep thinking this time will be different. Maybe some day it will be.

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