Friday, June 15, 2012

Birthday gifts

In  her June 14 post "Another year older," Nimue Brown takes the occasion of her birthday to reflect on her current happiness, and to contrast it with a bad relationship she was in in the past.

Of her past relationship, she says, "I started to believe I must be an awful, demanding, horrible, unreasonable, ungrateful sort of creature."  I've never been in a relationship that bad, and yet it resonates with me.  I am indeed susceptible to what others say about me.  I know what it's like to feel that doubt creeping into my self-esteem.  Luckily, that is rarely a part of my life, and when it does come, I am able to walk away from the source.

Now that Nimue Brown has walked away from that relationship, she has found happiness.  Writing about the birthday gifts which make her happy, she says, "It’s the taking time for the other person, trying to find something they will enjoy, sharing a good thing, honouring bonds."

Indeed, that is the best gift, for birthdays, and for every day, the gift of a person who thinks of you and makes time for you.  I am grateful to those who have given such gifts to me.

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