Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer's bliss

In winter, I live buried within turtlenecks, sweaters, and jackets.
In winter, I shrink from the sharp bite of the cold.
In winter, I huddle shivering under blankets.
In summer, sometimes the heat wilts me.  I droop.
But in summer, sometimes it's not too hot.
Sometimes, the sun's warmth is just right.
I bask in it.
In summer, sometimes I find a spot under a tree, cool with shade.
I slip off my sandals, and wriggle my toes in the grass.
I lie back, and gaze up at layer after layer of green leaves.
I stretch out my arms, feeling the grass, feeling the earth.
My body feels alive.
In summer, even if the day is hot, usually coolness comes in evening.
On summer evenings, I sit on my balcony.
The balcony's railings, and the evening's darkness hide me from the view of others.
On my balcony after dark, I can be as I wish.
I don't have to hide my body's flaws or indecency.
I can wear, or not wear what I wish.
Comfortable, no longer constrained,
My body opens to nature.
The soft breezes caress my skin with their feathery touch.
I am filled with bliss.

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