Saturday, January 12, 2013


Usually week day mornings while I'm getting ready for work, I listen to the news on my local public radio station.  I think it was yesterday morning that they were talking about voice-activated home, where you can say, "turn off the light" or "turn up the heat," and your house will do it.

Is that what we really need to be putting our energy into? Coming up with technologies to save ourselves the trouble of walking across a room?  We have poverty, violence, prejudice, hunger, illiteracy, and illness.    Maybe we could devote a bit more energy to those instead.

Then a little later they were talking about how five years ago Bank of America bought Countrywide, and thus was saddled with all Countrywide's problems.

This is not what's important in life.

Let's go look at the trees.  Let's make music.  Let's dance.  Let's read a book.  Let's learn.  Let's go to the farmer's market. Let's plant a garden.  Let's care for our children.  Let's sing a song.

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