Friday, January 18, 2013

News stories

I have an email account on Yahoo.  Usually when I'm done using it, I just close the browser.  But for some reason, occasionally I log out of the email account without closing the browser.  When that happens, I end up on Yahoo's home page.  They have news stories on that page.  News stories from a culture that disgusts me.  Lots of celebrity gossip. 

That is not my culture.  People say that is American culture but I am American and that is not my culture. 

I get most of my news by listening to NPR in the morning before work.  Usually they have a lot of interesting stuff.  Today, they had several stories that I did not care about: 1) a famous athlete confesses to using performance enhancing drugs, 2) another famous athlete said his girlfriend had died, but this girlfriend actually never existed, and 3) when TV shows reference some other TV show, a book, a movie, or a celebrity, people are less likely to get the reference now because our culture is more diverse than in the past. 

I don't want this garbage polluting my brain.  I want to learn.  NPR does have many stories that I do find to be valuable, such as:
One good thing about the internet is that it gives us choices.  If we don't like the news that Yahoo brings us, we can look to NPR.

But humans do not seem to always make wise choices.  It seems that many people choose news sources that foster ignorance, narrowmindedness, and lack of compassion for others. 

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