Sunday, January 27, 2013

My friends

One calls me and goes on and on about neckties.  Or he used to.  Then he got sick, and the topic changed from neckties to mucus.

The other one waffles and drags and then finally says no whenever I try to make a plan with him.  Even if it's a favor to him that he asked me to do, and he told me a few days ago that today was the day he wanted to do it -- when today comes, he is indecisive and finally says  no.

But there's something about each of them -- intelligence, humor, wit, compassion, kindness.  These are my friends.  I have no doubt in mind that I chose them, and that I am committed to them.

Most people don't make sense to me.  Most people care about stupid stuff.  They watch TV. They like to go to the mall.  Or they are passionate important stuff -- politics, activism -- but stuff I just don't relate to.

But occasionally, along comes some oddball, and I see in that person something to be treasured.  I am grateful that these treasures have touched my life.

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