Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wildest Dream

I get alumni magazines from 5 different colleges/universities.  One does not share my values at all and I am turned off by the things the alumni are doing.  But when I read the other four, sometimes I feel bad that the alumni of those schools are accomplishing so many amazing things while I am not.  So tonight I started imagining what an alumni magazine would say about me, if I were doing amazing things.  The magazine I was reading tonight was from the College of the Atlantic (COA) so my fantasy starts there.  I imagine something that would be taking place a few decades in the future, to give me time to get there.  Here's what I imagine the COA magazine would say about me, in my wildest dreams:
Terra Maple Forester serves as archivist at the College of the Atlantic.  The entire COA community eagerly awaits the blog posts she writes once a week.  In these posts, she shares stories and photos from COA's past with today's COA community.  She also works at the COA library, helping students ground their work in the knowledge of what has been done before. 
Her work as archivist and librarian is part-time, allowing her ample time to pursue her many other interests.  She is one of the nation's most skilled dancers, and performs regularly in dances in a number of styles, including Morris, jazz, and modern.  At the age of 65, she has the stamina, flexibility, and agility of an 18-year-old.
Men of all ages admire her striking good looks and vivacious spirit, but she only has eyes for her husband Greg, a folk singer who has been a steady presence in her life for decades.  Whenever she is tired or sad, he sings to her, and the warmth of his voice soothes her.  But most often, their life together is full of laughter and silliness.  Terra and Greg take walks together every day, basking in the beauty of Mount Desert Island's ocean, mountains and forests.  The photos Terra takes on these walks are stunning.
In addition to the daily walks, Terra enjoys kayaking and inline skating during the summer, and skate skiing during the winter.
Electricity and heat in Terra and Greg's home is provided entirely through a passive solar design and photovoltaic panels.  Even on the coldest Maine winter days, their home is warm and sunny.  On winter days, they love sitting together in their sunny study room, reading, writing, and doing research.  Many of Terra's COA blogs were researched and written from this location. 
Their home is just one of many solar homes in the eco-village in which they live.  Terra raised the funds to build this eco-village by selling her photos, which are in great demand. All of Terra's friends and relatives have chosen to come to Maine and live in this eco-village.  The oldest resident is Terra's grandmother, who at age 115 still thrives physically and mentally.   
Terra is also a druid, and has achieved the level of Adept in AODA and the level of Druid in OBOD.
Terra organizes community singalongs, which are held every Friday evening, and community dances, which are held every Saturday evening.  As a result of the bonds and positive feelings formed during these events, the people of Mount Desert Island are a well-knit community, and readily help each other in times of need.  As a result, disputes are rare, but in the event of a dispute, Terra plays her harp, and the sound of the music inspires people to settle their conflicts peacefully and kindly.

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