Friday, December 7, 2012

Dreams for family and friends

Last night I wrote a fantasy for myself, but what about my family and friends?  Here are some of them:

  • Girassol teaches capoeira and circus arts to children in poor communities in Brazil.  She joins us in Bar Harbor during the summer, and gives presentations about her work to the wealthy tourists, who then provide plenty of funds to support her work.
  • Jane is an English professor at Burlington College, a massage therapist, and herbalist, and a chef.  She lives in a teepee with a clawfoot bathtub.
  • Eduardo lives in our eco-village with his Siamese cat, and does a radio show about Latin American music, poetry, and politics.  People around the country listen avidly.
  • Pan teaches science at College of the Atlantic, and performs as a roving minstrel at festivals and fairs.  His cottage in the eco-village is positioned so that from his bedroom window, he can see the sun rising over the ocean.  Each morning, after the sun awakens him, and before he goes to his job at COA, he spends several hours roaming the island's forests.
  • Also performing at festivals and fairs are jugglers Jove and Mountain Laurel.  When not performing, they are home in the eco-village, raising their children and gardening, or bicycling around the island.
  • Jove and Laurel's children are growing up playing with the children of Vid and Aoife.  Vid and Aoife spend their time playing with their kids, making music and hiking.
  • Ellen lives in the eco-village, gardens, and goes for walks.
  • Mary also lives in the eco-village, and spends her time singing, dancing, and riding horses.
Hmm, it's hard.  There are people who should be there who are not listed.  I don't want to make up dreams for other people.  I want other people to live out their own dreams.

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