Saturday, December 8, 2012

Druidly food

As a druid, I should grow my own food and prepare my own food.  Or what I don't grow myself, I should buy from local farmers.  I shouldn't be buying processed foods.

But I can't do it all.  I buy fresh vegetables.  Then I don't have the energy to chop them, and they go bad.

I buy microwave dinners.  Those I can eat.  Sometimes it does seem like a lot of work to get up and put things in the microwave.  Sometimes I'm hungry for a while before I make myself get up and do it.

As a druid, I should face my problems head-on.  I should accept that I can't do even half of what I aspire to do.  I should figure out solutions.  I should figure out realistic aspirations.

But I guess I don't do it because I can't bear to aspire to eating microwave dinners.

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  1. u can bust broccoli heads apart with your fingers and boil em up in 5 minutes. keep trying!