Saturday, December 8, 2012

Druidly clothing

When I'm at home, I wear the clothes I don't like.  The fleece pants that, while comfortable, are just a little too short, making them funny-looking.  The white sweater that, while warm, has stains on it.  I wear the clothes I don't like when I'm home, because I'm saving the clothes I like for when I go out.

Some years ago, someone said, if you don't like those clothes, get rid of them.  Don't let your house be filled up with stuff you don't even like.

One way to look at clothing choices from a druid perspective is keep it simple.  Don't have too much.  If you can't wear it for many purposes, if you won't wear it if another human is going to see you, then don't bother to have it.  Don't have too much stuff.

But another way to look at it from a druid perspective is don't waste stuff.  If you have clothes, it is your obligation to keep on wearing them until you wear them out.

If someone else might like the clothes that I don't like, I will give them away.  But I don't think anyone wants my stained clothes.  So I dutifully wear them whenever there is no one to see.

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