Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Walking with nature

The sound that surrounds me: The Beatles:
love is old, love is new
love is all, love is you

The sight that surrounds met: Leaves on trees:

This season of leave on trees soothes my soul.

The touch that surrounds me:
Summer breezes wafting over my skin

Druids, pantheists find the sacred in nature.

No, nature is not all kitten and puppy sweet.

If we think that, it's because we spend the harsh weather indoors, with heat in winter and air conditioning in summer.  Walls keep out mosquitoes and bears.  Roofs keep off rain, snow, hail.  We walk in cultivated gardens.  Mowed lawns.  Trimmed hedges.  Planted flowers bloom with beauty.  It is only those who think they have tamed nature who see nature all sweet and beauty.

Hurricanes. Tornadoes.  Floods. Mudslides.  Those are nature too.

As druids and pantheists, it is our responsibility to fully see nature.  In seeing it, we still find sacredness there.

Our life comes from nature -- our food, our clothing, our shelter.  We have this high-tech consumer society that teaches us to forget where things come from.

Being a spiritual person means seeing our connectedness with the world around us -- with humans, with animals, with plants, with the soil, with the air, with the sky.

Humans have evolved such that certain things stimulate their sense of spirituality, and being in nature is one of them.  Others include singing, dancing, chanting, and art.

I live here in this world.  I'm trying to find my way.  I see the leaves. They soothe my soul.

Trees swayed by storms.  Sometimes sway is all the do.  Sometimes big branches crash to the ground.  Sometimes the entire tree crashes to the ground.

But as long as the live, they live as trees, persevering as they can.  I do not believe that a maple longs to be a sycamore.  A grace I do not have.  I see other humans and I think I'm not as good.

Let me live as a tree, standing as myself, not trying to be another.

Anything that provides healing, inspiration, awareness can be a guide.

I pray that I find my way.

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