Saturday, June 7, 2014


A video posted on Facebook.  A group of friends at a place that looks like some sort of exercise room, like a yoga studio.  Everyone is shoeless and dressed for exercise, generally in a t-shirt and sweatpants.  Three of the friends are crouched on the ground, side by side.  The other friends are in a line, taking turns.  Each one runs up to the crouched friends and leaps over them.  They land on their hands and then somersault forward.  At least that's what the first four people do.

The fifth person hesitates.  The person taking the video urges him on.  Finally he takes his turn.

The first four people leaped over the 3 crouched friends and landed beyond them on their hands.  The fifth person lands lying down on top of the 3 crouched friends.

Sometimes I feel bad that I'm so bad at morris dancing.  But you know what, I'm in good company.  That fifth person in the video was my brother.  Being a klutz is in my genes.

And it's not just my relatives who are klutzes.  Some other very fine people are also klutzes.  In fact, the people I like include a disproportionate number of klutzes.  What I like is people who are sincere rather than slick, and that's why I like klutzes.

I'm very fond of my morris dance teacher as a friend, but she's not a great teacher.  I wish I had a different teacher.  But you know what? She's a klutz too! I think that's one reason it's hard to learn from her.  When I watch her movements, it's hard to follow them, because they are klutzy.

But she's the morris dance teacher because she has mastered the dances.  She is a klutz and she has mastered the dances.  That means I can master the dances too.

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