Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Seeking a spiritual community from which to change the world

Changing the world sounds all grand and stuff, but the implementation tends to involve a lot of meetings and paperwork and washing of dishes and other not so glamorous stuff.

I understand that.  I don't expect changing the world to be all glamorous.  I can actually be good with meetings and paperwork.

But I do feel there is something missing from some efforts to change the world, and that's a spiritual center.

I mean, it's missing for me.  Some people prefer to change the world in a non-spiritual way.

The college I attended had a spiritual center.  I didn't like it in all ways. The things I didn't like about  my college were mostly ways that individuals didn't all share that spiritual core that was integral to the institution.  I didn't like that some people seemed to just want to go to a reputable college so they could get a high status job afterwards.  I didn't like that some people thought the spiritual core was just about politics, the way that they were outraged about their liberal causes, rather than realizing seeking to see that spark of divinity in all people, even those they disagreed with.

So not everyone shared the values.  And I didn't always like it.  In fact, in recent years, I mostly think my life might have been better if I had chosen a different college.  But what I did like was being part of a community that had a spiritual core.

I want to be part of a community that is trying to make the world better, but I don't want to be part of a community that is trying to make the world better for no reason, or for some secular reason.  I want to work with others who share a spiritual core with me.

Making the world better is a team effort.  Different people focus on different causes.  Different people working on the same cause approach that cause in different ways.  We need everyone working together in order to make it happen.  But everyone working together is not just a bunch of individuals.  It is people who have formed into teams with like-minded people.  And I am seeking to be part of a team that shares some spiritual core with me.

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