Wednesday, June 11, 2014

More names to meditate on

It is June now.  Before that it was May.  May, June, and April are considered women's names.  They are the only months that are commonly used as human names.  Nearly a year ago, June 15, 2013, I made a list of names to meditate on.  I did meditate on a few, but not many.  I don't regularly meditate any more, but I'm trying to get back to meditation and other druid practices.  As I get back to meditation, I can get back to that list of names to meditate on from last year.  And I can add the names that are months.  At least June and May.  Some how April as a name does not speak to me.  It's just a sense that I could be named May or June, but I would not be named April.  And the other name to also meditate on is Skydancer.

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