Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Turning to the dark time of the year

From autumn equinox second of Arianrhod's Dance by Julie White and Graeme Talboys:
"it was second nature for our ancestors to start building up their stores of firewood and food, to make sure their dwellings were capable of withstanding the storms of winter, to see the outer world put in order before retreating within their dwellings and their selves.  There, they would take up work that could be done indoors, just as they would take up work that could be done within themselves.  It was a time of weaving and repairing, a time of storytelling, a time when they were forced together and had to learn to get along.  It was a time to sit quietly and think, a time of patience."
This resonates with me a great deal.  I have been running around so much lately.  No time to gaze at trees, read, put my house in order.  Now is the time to do those things, to stop running around, to put my house in order, to put myself in order.

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