Saturday, September 22, 2012

Druidry and free will

It says in The Path Through the Forest by Julie White and Graeme Talboys (pages 99-100), "the Celtic metaphysic is based firmly on the principle that we all have free will.  We must do as we see fit and we may not coerce others."

That fits with my philosophy.  In fact, I'm so unwilling to impose my will on others that people think that I am timid, that I'm not assertive enough.

I think of my grandmother.  She is tactful and agreeable, but that doesn't mean she doesn't do as she wishes.

The song "Sara McCutcheon" by Cathy Fink reminds me of my grandmother.  Sara's adult son comes for a visit and is alarmed to find his elderly mother up on a ladder working on the house.  He sends  her off to an old age home.  While living there, she goes out for a walk each day.  Each day, she takes something back to her house.  Then one day she tells the people at the old age home that all her stuff has been moved back home, so now she will move back home too.

That's how I was raised.  Do your thing.  Don't make a stink about it.  Don't mess with other people doing their thing.

I think it's no coincidence that I feel an affinity for druidry.  I am of Irish and English ancestry.  Druidry comes from Ireland and Britain.  I feel comfortable with it culturally.

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