Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tired and whiny

"I'm tired and cranky and whiny," I said.

She understood that.

But then I started telling her about my life, the specific things that were bugging me, making me feel unloved.  I know they hit me harder now because I am tired.  But she starts reasoning with me, trying to explain that I shouldn't be bothered by these things.  I just told her I feel this way because I'm tired.  Does she think she can reason be out of being tired?

But it's not only that I'm tired.  These things do bother me.  It bothers me that no one values what I have to offer.  I wish someone would just tell me I'm okay, just as I am.

I have one good friend, but he is doing something else today.

I wish there were a lot of people who cherished me as I am, and who didn't tell me my feelings are wrong.

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