Monday, April 28, 2014

Wandering shepherd

Listening to Wandering Shepherd, one of the few songs recorded by Joe Crookston that he did not write himself.

I listen to Joe Crookston when I'm depressed and tired.

Some of the words that resonate with me:

Wandering shepherd, wander no more
Lay down your trouble, your worries and woe
Traveling pilgrim, rest for the night
Safe from the darkness, here in the light

But at times like this, I find darkness to be peaceful and healing, while light is glaring and instrusive.

A line from another song also comes to mind: "so lonesome I could cry."

I am tired.  I feel demands have been placed on me.  I work and work to meet the demands.  Never does a gift come to me.  I do for others, no one does for me.

That's the way it feels when I am tired and depressed.  I don't think it's really a reflection of my actual situation.  It's just the way it feels.  When I have a busy day or a busy week, then after that, I am tired, and it feels like this.

The song continues:

Homeless believer, find here a home
You may be lonely, never alone

I've been thinking maybe I should get a stuffed animal so I have something to hug at times like this.

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