Monday, April 28, 2014

New friends

With ingredients sunshine, soil, and water, plants blossom into something beautiful.  So too do friendships grow.  I think the ingredients are my actions, the other person's actions, and some element of magic.  The magic is what some might call chemistry.  It's whether my personality and the other person's personality make something when they come together.

I do my best to make my actions ones that will nurture the friendship without quashing the way the other two ingredients are taking paths of their own.

People often say that I am too quiet, that they find it hard to connect with me because I don't talk enough.

People often say that I come on too strong, that I want too much from them.

It's like walking a rocky path in the dark.  Trying to find the right steps to take.  Try not to tread anywhere that will break something.

Friendships don't develop unless I reach out to someone, unless I help to cultivate the friendship.  But I can't expect to control the way they develop.   My actions are just one of three ingredients that help them grow.

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