Wednesday, July 3, 2013


For pagans, there is magic. For monotheists, there is prayer.  I believe they are just different approaches to the same thing.  I do not believe there is any entity or force outside ourselves which is influenced by magic or prayer.  However, I do believe they  have merit.  I believe that what they are about is formulating intentions and feelings.  The Druid Magic Handbook talks about the importance of formulating intentions.  It suggests that at least three meditation sessions are needed before deciding on an intention.  It gives examples of how intentions can be framed in the wrong way.  It really takes a lot of thought to  frame an intention.

What would my intention be? Maybe this: to be brave, true, and open.  

I am lost. I don't know how to get out. I have been stuck in these for years.  I have been working to get out for years, but it's quicksand, sucking me back down all the time.   

To be brave: To seize opportunity when it comes.  To step into the great unkown, for doing so is the only way to escape where I am.  

To be true: I don't know the way, but I have an instinct that tells me whether I'm going the right way or the wrong way.  I  have an instinct that tells me when I am being true to myself, and when I am trying to be something else.

To be open: To show others how lost and vulnerable I am, because by doing so, maybe I will invite help.

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