Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Druids are present in the material world

Today in the mail I received a book I had ordered, Druidry and Meditation by Nimue Brown.  She's such a good writer, so readable.  It's hard work to write things in a way that they seem easy to understand.  There's a nicely written introduction about how you can't learn druidry from a book, you have to do druidry, so why write a book about druidry?  The answer is that books are like maps or instruction manuals.  They can help you as you find your own way.

The introduction is two pages, and then on page 3 she writes
Druidry is not a religion that seeks to transcend physical experience.  Our spirituality is rooted in nature and nourished by experience.  We seek connection, relationship and inspiration....Druidry embraces physicality and honors our tangible selves."
That was page 3, and that was as far as I got reading, because then I had to go write it here in my blog.  It captures so well why I'm a druid and not a Buddhist.

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