Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Aspen, apricot, and avocado

Next in my series of comments from Lives of the Trees by Diana Wells are aspen, apricot, and avocado.

Apricot and avocado are apparently very nutritious.  Reading about them caused me to want to eat them more often.

As for aspen, they
are some of the toughtest trees on earth.  Indeed, the very trembling of their leaves is a strategy to avoid damage from gusty winds in the exposed places where aspens so often grow.  Aspens can live in barren, mountainous regions, as well as many other places.  Their heart-shaped leaves are borne at the end of long, flattened stalks so that instead of resisting breezes and breaking, they bend with them.
Wherever I find barren regions and gusty winds in my life, may I bend and tremble so as not to be broken by the storm.

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