Saturday, August 18, 2012

We are all the same human flesh

When I looked at the data about visits to my blog, I saw that many recent visits seemed to come from one particular web site.  I looked at that web site to see what it was.  Turns out it is an "adult" social networking site.  Now I'm not sure why people on such a site would find their way to my blog.  Maybe it's a trick on the part of that web site to draw blog writers to visit their web site.

In any case, I went to the web site, and I went to the page where you view profiles of men.  There you'll find row upon row of photos.  These photos are the profile pictures of the various men on the site.  Now on Facebook, profile photos vary, but most profile photos are of faces.  Here, profile photos vary, but most profile photos are of genitals.

I suppose that the men in the photos expect that my response to the photos will be arousal and awe.  Instead, what I see is that we are all human flesh.  Here are photos of men from around the world, but they are all much the same.  When you take away the clothes and the hairstyle, underneath we are all of the same flesh. All desire sex, all long to be loved.

All those high faluting people who think they are so smart, who think they deserve to make so much more money than other people, they are all flesh too.  Underneath their airs, they have the same basic biologic needs, instincts, and desires as any human animal.

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