Sunday, August 12, 2012

A better day

I guess I was feeling kind of pathetic when I wrote my recent post "Love and Looking Dorky."  I don't usually feel that way.  Usually it comes of being tired.  That was Friday evening that I wrote it.  Usually as the week goes on I get more and more tired, so I think Thursday and Friday evenings are most likely to be tough.

Saturday was a good day.  Most days that I don't go to work are good days.  Saturday, I was engaged in projects.  Mostly I was home by myself, but I was working on things that involved other people.  I felt like a valued member of several communities.  I liked having projects to engage my mind.

And I did go out and interact briefly with an acquaintance, and it reminded me that what I felt when I was tired on Friday was wrong.  Friday I felt that someone just looking at me, not knowing me well, would find me unappealing.  But that's not true.  This acquaintance has been an acquaintance for several years.  He does not know me well.  But when he sees me, he reaches out, as if he wants to know me better.

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