Friday, August 10, 2012

Balance. Peace. Love. Joy. Freedom.

Balance. Peace. Love. Joy. Freedom.

Those are the key words I say these days to remind myself of perspective and priorities.

Balance: That all the things that come under peace, love, joy, and freedom must be balanced, that I should not spend too much time in one and neglect another.

Peace: I need quiet time, unscheduled time.  I need time to work on chores, to keep my life in order, to reflect, to read, to blog, to write emails, to sit on my balcony, to stare at the trees.

Love: I value spending time with friends and family, whether that time is spent in person, by phone, or by email.  Even though the conversation may seem mundane and dull at times, those ties are precious.

Joy: Music. Singing.  Dancing.  Rollerblading.  Kayaking.  Rivers. Oceans. Lakes.  Sunsets.  Trees.  Green maple leaves.  Skiing.  Rowing. Canoeing. Hiking.  Mountains.  Gentle breezes caressing my skin.

Freedom: This one is a bit of a misnomer. Freedom is actually when I'm home by myself and I put on a CD and I dance in whatever way the music tells me to dance. But I'm using the word for another purpose in this context. Freedom means escaping from the prison that is my job.  Unemployment would be another kind of prison.  So freedom means freedom from having to go somewhere I hate and do tasks I hate, freedom from financial insecurity, and freedom from that sense of boredom and uselessness that comes with lack of meaningful work.

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