Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thinking of people I used to know

Thinking back on people from the past.

I think I turn to people of the past when something is missing in the present.  Usually it's when an important present relationship is causing me hurt.  That's not really what's happening now, but the present is not all that I want right now.

People in the past are in the past for a reason.  Sometimes I want nothing more to do with them.  I remember last year seeing one of them.  I did not want to see her.  But when I saw her, it was fun taking to her.  For a bit.  But then before the evening was over, the things I don't like about her came out.

Others in the past I still think of fondly.  I think of reaching out to them now, but I hesitate.  They belong in the past.  If I bring them to the present, I'll be reminded of why they belong in the past, and I'll no longer think of them so fondly.

Thinking of people more or less in the present.  Most people I don't really  have much interest in being around.  So when I recognize in someone something that I like, that's something to take notice of.  Yet, our lives don't always fit together.  I'm not sure that there's anything else that can be done sometimes besides sitting up and taking notice. 

And some of those people in the present who don't really interest me have been kind to me, and sometimes I appreciate such kindness.  Maybe I shouldn't be so quick to dismiss these people.

No, I know what's important to me, and these are people who bug me if I'm around them much.

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