Saturday, February 21, 2015


The dream I had been having when I woke up this morning:

We were in a car.  The driver was Sonny.  I think there was another person with us.  It was like when we were growing up -- I grew up with my brother, so he was always there, there was always that additional person along, but not like someone who was intrusively strange.

I had driven this route once or twice before more than a year ago, so it was a bit familiar but I didn't know it well.  I told Sonny that we had gotten onto the wrong road, and we needed to turn around.  I pointed out several places where we could turn around, but she was waiting for a better place.  I was anxious, and urging her to turn around now.

The road came to an end at a village main street, where we had to go either left or right.  We went left.  Soon after that, we went right.  The road that we went right onto turned into a highway entrance ramp.  The highway would not have any exits for 30 miles.  That was why I had been anxious to turn around, so as not to get into this situation.

Sonny stopped the car on the entrance ramp and talked with the sheriff.  Even though it seemed like it was too late, she was determined to find a way to go back. It turned out her family was from the area, and the sheriff remembered her brother.

So we got off the ramp and went back.

I was at the house I grew up in, in the room I grew up in.  We had gone in there to have a conference.  I was there with my supervisor, Chuck, and there was also that sense I had earlier of another person being there, like my brother.

It was now my second year of my Master's degree program, and we were talking about how it was going.  I said that the first year did not go well, because it was all classes, all passive, so I didn't really learn much.  I said this year was better because there was more opportunity to be proactive and engaged.

We talked about how recently at Christmas, everyone in the class was supposed to donate to a cause, and then we went around the circle, each telling what we chose to donate to and why.  I said that donating money wasn't very active, and it would be nice if we had the option to do something more engaging, like volunteer work.

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