Saturday, February 7, 2015

Athelia Nihtscada's ethical principles

As noted in my recent post, I read in Philip Carr-Gomm's book What Do Druids Believe? about Athelia Nihtscada's principles of druidry.  Just now I looked it up on google.  I found that the book's chapter called "Ethics and Values" was on the OBOD web site, on a page called Ethics and Values in Druidry II.   The ethical principles attributed to Athelia Nihtscada are: 
  1. Every action has a consequence that must be observed and you must be prepared to compensate for your actions if required.
  2. All life is sacred and all are responsible for seeing that this standard is upheld.
  3. You do still live in society and are bound by its rules.
  4. Work with high standards.
  5. Make an honest living.
  6. Be a good host as well as a good guest.
  7. Take care of yourself.
  8. Serve your community.
  9. Maintain a healthy balance of the spiritual and mundane.
  10.  Uphold the Truth, starting with yourself.
  11. Be sure in your convictions, particularly when judging or accusing someone, but also when debating. Ask yourself: are you really sure? Do you really know that this the case?
Mostly it sounds good to me, but the last one seems a little weird because it starts of saying "be sure," but what it ends up saying is more like don't be sure.  Or, don't make claims when you aren't sure of their truth.  

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