Wednesday, February 5, 2014


From the 1996 Pete Seeger interview with Larry Long: When Pete Seeger was five years old, his father sent him to the store with a dime to buy something that cost five cents.  He was supposed to bring back the change.  A boy in the store persuaded him to buy candy with the change, and told Pete to tell his father that the thing he was supposed to buy cost a dime.  When Pete got home and told his father it had cost a dime, his father said, "Don't you know you never have to lie to us.  We love you."  Sobbing, Pete confessed that he had bought candy.  His father said, "You could have bought the candy.  That would have been all right.  But you never have to lie to us."

My mother would have said you shouldn't lie and you shouldn't buy candy.

My mother and my teachers approved of me because I was a well-behaved girl.

People criticize me when I make a mistake, and if I don't make a mistake, they criticize me for being a goody-two shoes.

And I see in the world around me, all the time, people snipping at each other.

I wish people could just say to each other, "You're all right."

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